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Direct Supervision | Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office

Direct Supervision

Direct supervision was introduced to the corrections field in the early 1970’s. The two key elements of direct supervision are the physical design of the facility and having a strategy for inmate behavior management. The direct supervision model focuses on actively managing inmate behavior to provide a safe and secure facility for the public, staff, and inmate population.NIH deputy training 8

Our staff must continuously engage the inmate population and actively supervise them. In doing so, this will allow our staff to identify any problems the inmate(s) are having and rectify the situation before any negative consequences. Our staff should promote a positive and professional behavior in the living units.

The pod deputy has full authority over the pod and must develop a working relationship with the inmates. One way to measure if a pod deputy is operating under the direct supervision model is if he/she knows the name of every inmate on the pod, and if the inmate population believes there is no barrier separating the deputy from them on the housing unit.

Nine Principals of Direct Supervision

  1. Effective Control
  2. Effective Supervision
  3. Competent Staff
  4. Safety of Staff and Inmates
  5. Management and Cost-Effective Operation
  6. Effective Communications
  7. Classification and Orientation
  8. Justice and Fairness
  9. Ownership of Operation

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