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Sheriff Marlin Gusman’s Crime Victims and Elderly Victims Assistance Program

Crime Victims and Elderly Assistance Program

“ Sheriff Gusman wants you to know there is help for victims of violent crimes and his office is committed to helping crime victims and their families.”

The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s office currently participates in the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement Crime. Effective July 1982, the State of Louisiana established a program for the payment of compensation to the victims of certain crimes. The law, known as the Crime Victims Reparations Act, created the Crime Victims Reparations Board and established the Crime Victims Reparations Fund. The Board administers the Act’s provisions and awards payments from the fund. Income for the fund is composed primarily of monies paid as costs levied on criminal court costs. Funds are supplemented by a federal grant, court-ordered restitution from criminal, donations and interests.

Applications can be obtained from the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office, by calling 504-827-6754, or applying online at

Completed applications are to be returned to the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office.


You may apply if you:

  • Believe you are a victim of a crime
  • Are the victim’s legal representative (his attorney or the person legally responsible for the expense)
  • Are the victim’s dependent

A claim may be filed regardless of whether the offender is known, has been arrested, and/or has been found guilty.

The crime must:

  • Involve the use of force or threat of use of force AND

  • Result in personal injury, death or catastrophic property loss AND

  • Result in expenses allowed by the statute and not reimbursable from any other source

Vehicular crimes (motor vehicle, boat or aircraft) are not included unless you are:

  • The victim of a DWI driver

  • The victim of a hit and run driver

  • The victim of a driver who is fleeing the scene of a crime in which he knowingly participated

  • The victim whose injuries were intentionally inflicted with a vehicle

  • The Orleans Parish Sheriff’s Office elderly Victims Assistance Program provides financial assistance to elderly victims of crime
  • To be eligible you must be 60 years of age or older

  • Crime must be reported to the New Orleans Police Department 504-821-8888 or New Orleans Council on Aging 504-821-4121

  • Losses must be documented, i.e. police report, medical bills

  • You must apply within 30 days after crime occurred

  • The crime must have occurred in Orleans Parish regardless of where the victim resides

  • The crime must not have been committed by a family member

  • Financial assistance includes rent or mortgage payments, utilities payments and basic necessities, including food or medication

  • Personal property losses are not eligible

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