Thursday, December 08, 2022
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Community Resource

Community Resource

Careers at OPSO

Careers at OPSO

Young Marines

Medical Inmate Advocate

If you have a medical question about an inmate, call the Medical Inmate Advocate at 504-202-9451.

The Medical Inmate Advocate is an experienced OPSO nurse who will investigate your concern and call you back. If you wish to provide medical information about an inmate, call the Medical Inmate Advocate. Medical confidentiality is maintained, but your concerns will be addressed.


Orleans Justice Center

Consent and Compliance

Orleans Parish Jail Monitors


Sheriff Susan Hutson Appoints Casey F. McGee as Chief Communications Officer

NEW ORLEANS - 12-06-2022

McGee brings extensive news and communications experience to help agency relay accurate information to public

Orleans Parish Sheriff Susan Hutson announced the expansion of her executive leadership team with the appointment of Casey Ferrand McGee as her first Chief Communications Officer, effective immediately. McGee is responsible for leading the strategy, planning and implementation of internal and external communications infrastructure to facilitate the flow of accurate, timely and relevant information to the media, community and key stakeholders.CaseyHeadshotOpt

The New Orleans native has an extensive record of achievement in media relations and public relations with a strong record of facilitating media coverage for agencies, businesses and nonprofits. Most recently, McGee served as Director of Communications for New Orleans-based nonprofit STEM NOLA, where she built and lead a team that grew the organization's local and global footprint by sharing its extraordinary stories through both digital and traditional media. Since 2019, McGee has also been a media coach and consultant as the owner of her own PR firm CFM Media. McGee has a prior television and media career as an award-winning journalist in news markets throughout Louisiana and Texas. Most recently, she was a well-known and trusted face on WDSU News in New Orleans for eight years.

"We are thrilled to have a leader with Casey's tremendous media and public relations experience join the OPSO team," Sheriff Hutson said. "My goal is to be an administration focused on much-needed accountability, transparency and systematic change, and that means having clear channels to communicate our efforts to progress those initiatives. Casey has been a trusted voice in this city and will be an outstanding spokesperson for the agency as we aim to move to a higher level of communications with staff, the public and our media partners."

McGee called it "a privilege" to work with Sheriff Hutson and her team. "This is the perfect time to help improve communications within OPSO," said McGee. "With my media, public relations and production experience, we can continue to improve relationships with the media and the community at large."

McGee will direct the exchange of all information pertaining to OPSO, manage the distribution of press releases and serve as a spokesperson on behalf of the Sheriff and the main point of contact for the media. Phil Stelly will continue to serve as a Public Information Officer on the communications team to handle media requests for information and support other communication efforts.


Sheriff Susan Hutson announces pay raise for OPSO deputies

NEW ORLEANS - 12-01-2022

Sheriff Susan Hutson today reported that the hourly wage is going up for most OPSO deputies.

Starting with their Dec. 8 paycheck, all eligible hourly workers at the Sheriff's Office will receive an additional $2.43 per hour. This pay bump means that pay for deputies increases from $15.57 per hour to $18 per hour. Deputies unaffected by the pay increase are those who have received raises since May 2022 as well as new administrative hires.

Sheriff Hutson said, "I promised to fight for deputy pay increases, and thanks to everyone who stood shoulder-to-shoulder with me, I'm delivering on that promise. I also want to thank the New Orleans City Council for recognizing how critical our security workforce is to the administration of criminal justice. Investing in our deputies is really an investment in public safety for all New Orleanians."

Besides increasing deputy pay, Sheriff Hutson is seeking the City Council's support for more compensation and benefits for Sheriff's Office staffers that would include a 5 percent longevity bonus, 100 percent employer-paid healthcare, and a $2 per hour shift differential for working the second shift in the jail.


Victim Notifications & Programs

Crime Victims Programs
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Notification System


Crime Victims
Reparation Program


Louisiana Victim
Notification System

Who's In Jail

Who's In Jail

Magistrate Court List


Civil Matters/Foreclosures

Civil Matters/Foreclosure

Report Fraud


Call 1-844-50-FRAUD or Click Here

Report Abuse & Sexual Assaults


All family, friends, and attorneys should report immediately any information about inmate-against-inmate sexual abuse, sexual harassment or staff-against-inmate sexual relationships, sexual harassment and sexual misconduct.  Help the OPSO promote sexual safety and report these incidents confidentially to our sexual abuse hotline:

1-844-201-4312 or (504) 717-2279

Programs for Public Benefit

Young Marines

The OPSO chapter of the Young Marines is in partnership with the national Young Marines program. Youth under the age of 18 enroll for drill, games, field trips, and education.


West Bank Major Crime Taskforce

Deputies assigned to this task force focusing on major crimes and narcotics enforcement on the West Bank.

United States Marshals Task Force

OPSO also participates in US Marshal task force activities, focusing on the apprehension of violent criminals in the Greater New Orleans Area and monitors registered sex offenders in Orleans Parish.

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE)

DARE is a school-based drug awareness and prevention program for youth. OPSO’s main focus is sixth graders through high-school.


Criminal Patrols

This program focuses on outstanding warrants for violent crimes. Persons wanted for violent crimes are targeted and arrested for public safety. This program is grant funded in partnership with the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and focuses on proactive crime prevention in high crime areas and the apprehension of wanted fugitives.

Day Reporting Center

The Day Reporting Center is a collaborative agreement between the New Orleans Sheriff Office and the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections. The New Orleans Day Reporting Center program strives...


Programs for Inmates

Transitional Workforce Center

Department of Corrections inmates who have eighteen months or less and a suitable record can end their sentence in the work release program at the TDC Transitional Workforce Facility.


Low Literacy to GED  Educational Services

These services are provided by our educational partners, the Orleans Parish Public Schools’ Alternative Learning Institute (South White Street Female Facility, juveniles held as adults, House of Detention, and Orleans Parish Prison)...


HIV Counseling and Testing

This program is in partnership with the Office of Public Health. All incoming arrestees are offered HIV testing upon arrival. A trained nurse is on hand to counsel the patient on the results. As a matter of course, arrestees...


GED Testing Center

OPSO is a State of Louisiana Department of Education certified GED testing facility. We give a monthly GED test for the public, and test inmate students within secure facilities approximately every two months or as students are ready.


Community Service

Inmates who are considered low risk and who wish to work for the public good are assigned to Community Service, where they perform a number of civic tasks. The Community Service Division also works in partnership with...


Alcoholics Anonymous

This program is available to inmates in the House of Detention and the Warren McDaniels Transitional Workforce Center and will be expanding to other buildings as additional volunteers are gained. There is also a group...


Protecting and Serving the Parish of Orleans


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