Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Attorney Visitation

Attorney Visitation at OPSO

General Rules

  • Attorney/inmate consultations are allowed seven days per week ONLY during the hours listed below.
  • Attorneys should notify the facility at least 1 hour in advance of arrival time, to assist the facility to provide better service.
  • If an attorney does not contact the facility at least one hour prior to the scheduled consultation time, wait times may be longer.
  • An attorney may request to meet with no more than 3 inmates per visit.
  • Attorneys are permitted to meet with an inmate for an unlimited duration during visitation hours.
  • An attorney must present his/her photo identification and a valid Louisiana Bar Association card to gain admittance for an attorney visit.
  • Visitors are not allowed during attorney/inmate consultations.
  • Contact consultations between attorneys and inmates will be permitted, upon the request of an attorney, at all facilities.
  • Attorneys requesting contact visits with inmates housed at facilities where accommodations for contact visits do not exist must provide at least 4 hours of advance notice to the facility Watch Commander, to permit the inmate to be transported to a facility which can accommodate contact visits. A contact visit is defined as a meeting between an attorney and an inmate in the same room unobstructed by partitions, bars, or other barriers. The Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office may provide non-contact visit areas to avoid undue burden on the Orleans Parish Sheriff's Office or excessive wait times by other attorneys. Contact visits will be permitted if an attorney states that a contact visit is necessary. An appropriate wand search of attorneys before any contact visit may be conducted.
  • No cell phones, cameras, recorders, computers or electronic devices are allowed in the jail visitation area without the express approval of the facility Warden or the Sheriff.
  • All of the general rules for visitors also apply to attorney/client consultations.
  • For access to individual facilities, please refer to the following:


Orleans Justice Center (OJC)

Attorney – Client visitation is available 24 hours per day in OJC.

Please note that while visitation will still be available, wait times will be increased between the hours of 6:30-7:30 (a.m. and p.m.) due to staff changing shifts. Please be patient.

Communications - 504-202-9339

OPSO Main Communications:

The main communications number is being made available as a secondary contact when building specific contacts are not available.

Contact: 504-202-9339

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